2023 Sires

Baglien 16760    Bull of Jackson Creek
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We believe Baglien 16760, 'Bull', to be among the thickest, heaviest-boned, and most structurally correct Suffolk rams in the U.S. today. Of exclusively American breeding, he is a linebred descendant of our great long-time stud, Slack 8222 'Dreadnought.' Bull represents the fullest expression yet of our objectives in producing heavily-muscled, commercially-valuable Suffolk sheep. He has fully justified our expectations, predictably passing on his traits to his offspring (semen available).
Bar-Zel 2241    
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Acquired from Bar-Zel's 2022 production sale, 2241 was added to complement Baglien 16760 adding extra length, extension, and excellent breed character, while not sacrificing thickness with a 3.7 in REA at 135#. 2241 was the reserve champion 2022 Suffolk Ram at the Oregon State Fair. Bred to 2022 mature ewes.
Baglien 21941    
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The line-bred successor to Slack 4202, 21941 brings many of the same virtues to the table - long-sided, thick-ended, and excellent feet and legs as well as exceptional lambing ease. Used primarily on 2022 replacements
Baglien 22969    
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Our pick of the 2022 Kimm 14015 sons, 22969 is line-bred back to D Howard 6070-06 which is reflected in his thick and muscular build. Heavy-boned and big footed, he is massive down his top and through his twist while still being neat through his chest floor. Used primarily on 2022 replacements.

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