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Ram Lambs:

Baglien 20906
Baglien 20906 – Sire: Kimm 14015; Dam: Kimm 16105; Twin; DOB: 1/5/2020; 6/21/20 Weight: 141; Price: $550.
This ram lamb is long and thick with added extension and an extra shot of muscle.

Baglien 20877
Sire: Baglien 16760; Dam: Baglien 16846; Twin; DOB: 1/6/2020; 6/21/20 Weight: 141; Price: $500.
Level and square with balance, this guy has a full sister in the ewe flock and is out of one of our most productive ewe families.

Baglien 20890
Sire: Slack 14202; Dam: Baglien 19439; Single; DOB: 2/5/2020; 6/21/20 Weight: 125; Price: $550.
Born unassisted out of a first-time dam, his maternal granddam (Kimm 10020) is represented more than any ewe in our flock pedigrees. Expressively muscled with length to spare, he brings good top-shape and a square hip.


Baglien 20921
Sire: Baglien 16760; Dam: Baglien 18819; Single; DOB: 1/22/2020; Price: $350; 6/27 Weight: 111 lbs.
Three-quarter sister to the top ewe lamb in the 2019 keeper pen, this ewe gets progressively wider, balances up well on the profile, and offers a good top to match. Her dam is out of Slack 14202 and she’s the first fibered lamb in her ewe line, so should throw cleaner fleeces than she is herself.

Baglien 20912  
Sire: Kimm 14015; Dam: Baglien 18520; Twin; DOB: 1/23/2020; Price: $350; 6/27 Weight: 120 lbs.
Long-sided with extension, she touches with good rack shape and is just starting to hit her growth stride.

Baglien 20907
Sire: Kimm 14015; Dam: Baglien 16758; Twin; DOB: 1/6/2020; Price: $400; 6/27 Weight: 136 lbs.
Out of our oldest ewe family, this ewe lamb offers broodiness and good center body with material strength.

Baglien 18520
Sire: Kimm 16013; Dam: Kimm 10030; Single; DOB: 10/9/2017; Price: $350.
Ultra-long with extension, she raised twins this year. Low maintenance and easy feeding.

Baglien 18819
Sire: Slack 14202; Dam: Baglien 19736; Single; DOB: 11/28/2017; Price: $500.
Line-bred Slack 14202 daughter, she has a retained daughter with a retained line-bred Slack 14202 grandson. Expressively muscled with balance and style, this ewe offers significant upside whether you’re looking to make a show ewe or next show wether.

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