Flock History

As far as Baglien family historians can tell us, our family has been raising sheep since the 8th century. We have, with rare interruptions, been doing so ever since. In the late 1980s, a Baglien boy married a girl who had grown up raising commercial Hamps. That they would someday raise sheep together came, as one might expect, as no great surprise.

In 2000, we acquired our first registered Suffolks from Brenda Miller. They were thick, sound sheep of their type and kind. However, our flock emphasis moved to moderately-framed Suffolks, as better suited to producing the heavily-muscled carcasses and convenience traits that are our primary objectives.

After experimenting with various bloodlines, including considerable use of LAI, we decided to base our flock chiefly on Kimm genetics. We have not regretted this decision. We first used Bobs genetics in 2002 via LAI, and purchased some ewe lambs in 2003. In 2004, we acquired two Kimm rams, 4136 and 4208. Kimm 4136 would go on to win two slick-sheared classes at UJSSA national shows in Laramie and Sedalia, and sire the high-indexing Suffolk in the 2005 NW Performance Sire Test, but this fine performance was overshadowed by that of his cousin, 4208, who became our lead stud from 2005 to 2008. In the same year (2004), we purchased nine ewe lambs from Dr. Paul Eness, all of whom were sired by Kimm 2048 Cael, a heavily-muscled McLaughlin 1-144 son that is one of the top Suffolks in the NSIP program for growth. Further acquisitions would follow, but these sheep gave our program its foundation in producing the heavily-muscled, fast-growing Suffolks we favor.

In our program, the following rams figure prominently:

Mac 1-144

McLaughlin-Griffin 1-144 (reference sire only)

In 2001, Bob Kimm leased this ram lamb from Willard McLaughlin. He only sired one lamb crop for Bob, but what a get! To name some of the top studs produced that year: 2022 (Bobs keeper, used by him for five seasons), 2027 (McLaughlins keeper, used successfully by him for several seasons), 2029 The Matrix (as good or better than 2022), and 2048 Cael (sire of Champion and Reserve Champion lambs at the National Lamb Show, and a top ram in NSIP). If you look at the extended pedigrees of our flock, Mac 1-144 appears one or more times in that of almost every sheep.

Kimm 2048 Cael (reference sire only)

This ram was one of the heaviest-muscled Mac 1-144 sons in the 2002 Kimm sale, and was purchased by Dr. Paul Eness. Dr. Eness has long emphasized muscling and growth EPDs in his program. Christened Cael after a top amateur wrestler, this ram quickly rose in the rankings to become an NSIP Trait-Leading Sire for both pre-weaning and post-weaning growth. In addition, he twice sired the Champion or Reserve Champion carcass lamb at the National Lamb Show. In 2004, we purchased nine Cael daughters, and they have produced many good sheep in our program. Later, we acquired Cael's twin sister, Kimm 2049.  She dammed the impressive Dreadnought grandson, 'Brutus', that figures prominently in our pedigrees.

Kimm 4208 - age 2

Kimm 4208 Martok (used for the 2005-2008 lamb crops)

This ram was undoubtedly the biggest sleeper in Bob Kimms 2004 production sale. One of the largest Kimm 2027 sons (345 lb. in breeding condition), out of a Slack 1061F-sired NSIP Distinguished Dam, this thick-made, square-docked, correct ram sired just like he looked. He qualified as an NSIP Trait-Leading Sire for prolificacy on the strength of his first lamb crop something that rarely happens (most rams need at least three or four years to qualify). The following year he further qualifed as a Trait Leader for maternal milk (a measure of his daughters ability to feed multiple lambs). The big bonus, however, was the superior rib eye areas he sired his retained daughters averaged 3.73 sq. in. REA at 135 lb. Add to this great udders and teat placement, and it not surprising that he has made a significant impact on our program. (Yes, he was christened after one of our childrens favorite Star Trek characters; a structurally-sound, thick-made, solid kind of Klingon.)

Slack 8222 - as a 2-year old

Slack 8222 "Dreadnought" (used for the 2009-2013 lamb crops)

In the spring of 2008 we went to Tom Slack's in Indiana and sorted his entire ram lamb crop. 8222 and 8300 were our picks. 8222 was one of the heaviest-muscled rams, and probably the stoutest-boned, of the lot. He proved to be a prepotent sire, consistently stamping his virtues on lambs from a wide variety of ewes, and becoming the most influential sire our program has yet used. Clean-fleeced, very square on his corners and extremely wide and thick in his hindquarters, he maintained extension through his neck and front end. While producing excellent daughters, he was exceptional in his male lines, producing sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons that exhibited his strengths.

Slack 8300 - as a yearling

Slack 8300 (used for the 2009-2013 lamb crops)

8300 was an extremely well-balanced ram, combining thickness, structure, and profile.  Very neat and clean through his chest floor and deep in the rear flank, he was square in his rack and thick through the leg and stifle. He was the perfect complement to Dreadnought, producing consistently superior females as Dreadnought produced superior males.


Slack 4202 (used for the 2015-2022 lamb crops)
We acquired Slack 4202 for his outstanding hindquarters - tremendous length was a bonus. He is a well-balanced ram, combining thickness, structure, and profile. Neat and clean through the chest floor while deep in his rear flank, he is square in his rack and massive through the leg and stifle. 4202 sires on these characteristics in his lambs

Kimm 14015 (used for the 2018-2022 lamb crops)
We were very pleased to acquire 14015 from Bob Kimm late in the season, as part of Bob's flock reduction. 14015 was easily our favorite in the Kimm stud battery, and Bob retains both a son and a maternal brother. This sire offers great top thickness (REA at 135# just under 4 sq. inches), superior growth (106# at 60 days of age), clean lines, and correctness

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