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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I buy a market lamb from you?

Four factors should influence your decision:

1) Health Our health program is second to none.

  • Our sheep don�t have footrot.
  • Our lambs don�t have club lamb fungus.
  • We vaccinate for two strains of soremouth.
  • We provide complete health papers with every lamb we sell.

Nothing spoils the fun of raising a project animal like having to deal with health issues, and our objective is to provide you an animal unlikely to have problems. Every animal we sell has all recommended vaccinations, has been wormed, and comes with a complete health record. For more on our health program, click here.

2) Quality Our lambs are competitive in the show ring, and (we think) get better every year. Six members of our family are current or former competitive livestock judges, including four 4-H state champions and one junior college national champion, and three are currently judging livestock shows around the Northwest. We won’t offer a lamb for sale that we don’t think can earn a blue ribbon.

3) Docility Our lambs get a considerable amount of human contact early in life, and so are �calm� around people. Those who have bought lambs �off pasture� and have had to gentle a rambunctious animal will understand why this is important!

4) Service We don�t consider it an imposition on our time for our market lamb customers to call us for advice! We�re always happy to answer your questions.

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